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American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes Essay - 877 Words

â€Å"American Beauty† is the 90’s film version of a satire about the ideal American dream of living in suburbia. It was preceded by â€Å"The Graduate† in the 60’s, the â€Å"Stepford Wives† in the 70’s and â€Å"Ordinary People† in the 80’s. â€Å"The best films about the suburbs are inherently going to be those that peel back the veneer made of clean lawns and nice cars to investigate the real emotions beneath the surface, whether tragic, comic, wistful, or some mercurial mix of all three.† (Web Design Schools, 2008) In American Beauty the characters may look like ordinary people living in idyllic suburbia but at the same time you see the pain, frustration and regret that they’re dealing with. The cinematographer uses several techniques to convey the theme of†¦show more content†¦The camera never shoots them together to emphasize that they are not equal. Angela Hayes is the stereotypical High School tee n depicted as â€Å"pretty and popular†. She is Lester’s fantasy. She usually has full length shots in scenes where she appears as seductive, sexually savvy and the perfect blond. The cinematographer uses mense en scene when he places her in the center of the cheer dance at the basketball game. The camera focuses on her as the center of the group, perfectly executing every provocative move and puts Jane awkwardly behind her struggling to keep up. In another scene the camera shows the audience a full shot of Angela showing off for Ricky and his video camera but very soon the camera changes places with Ricky’s camera to show that he is admiring Jane in the reflection of her mirror. Even though Angela is depicted as the beauty in the scene, the camera allows Ricky to show us who he believes is beautiful. In reality Angela has low self esteem. Angela’s insecurity is portrayed in one of the final scenes when she is about to have sex with Lester. The camera flows over their bodies and the viewer anticipates the culmination of their desires but reality hits like a cold shower as the camera closes in on Angela’s face. The savvy seductress has become an apprehensive girl with too much make up flowing down her cheeks and a fearful look in her eyes as she tells Lester thatShow MoreRelatedAmerican Beauty : An American Film Directed By Sam Mendes1527 Words   |  7 PagesWhat does one think when the word beauty is heard? Some may think about physical attraction, while others may have their own perception of what defines beauty. American Beauty (1999) is an American film directed by Sam Mendes. The characters throughout the film experience their own idea of happiness, or the beauty in America, in different ways. For Lester, it is an uncontrollable desire to have sex with a young girl named Angela that is friends with his daughter, Jane. Carolyn, Lester s wife, hasRead More American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes and The Virgin Suicide s, directed by Sofia Coppola2680 Words   |  11 Pageswhat appears to be normal equal reality? By looking at two different films it seems that the old cliche stands correct. Things aren’t as they appear. American Beauty and The Virgin Suicides give classic examples of how â€Å"normal† and â€Å"happy† suburban life is anything but. American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes (1999) and The Virgin Suicides, directed by Sofia Coppola (2000), share many of the same themes even though the plots are contrasted. Underneath the layers of white picket fences, beautiful housesRead MoreThe Art of Sacrifice as portrayed in the Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald and American Beauty directed by Sam Mendes.1809 Words   |  8 Pagespreventing evil, is a fascinating art that has long intrigued humankind. In particular, two American texts have captured the essence of it , The Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald and the 1999 movie American Beauty directed by Sam Mendes. Both texts clos ely explore the responsibility of an individuals relationship with his or her society for the sacrifices the individual makes; from the disillusionment of the American Dream to how the characters are affected or destroyed by it. In the world of Jay GatsbyRead More The Color Red in American Beauty Essay1628 Words   |  7 PagesThe Color Red in American Beauty The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul. George Sand hit the nail right on the head when he said this in 1872. Appearance versus reality has been a central theme in many American creative works including the film American Beauty. American Beauty is a film that delves into your typical, middle-class suburban American home and slowly uncovers all of the abnormalities thatRead MoreThe Techniques Used in American Beauty Essay1140 Words   |  5 PagesThe ï ¬ lm American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes is a ï ¬ lm about imprisonment and escape from imprisonment (Mendes, 1999). American Beauty explores the breakdown of a suburban family man whose life journeys from self loathing and emptiness to freedom and liberation but at the ultimate cost of his life. Mendes effectively employs a range of techniques to help convey the meaning of this ï ¬ lm such as set design, camera angles, colour and s oundtrack. Cinema often uses structured set design and cameraRead MoreAmerican Beauty Analysis999 Words   |  4 PagesThe 1999 American film, American Beauty directed by Sam Mendes and written by Alan Ball, is a story about a father who is sexually frustrated and has a mid-life crisis after falling in love with his daughter’s best friends. This is a movie where there are many hidden themes and symbols throughout the movie by the use of cinematography techniques and colour. The director, Sam Mendes, is trying to leave hidden messages and meanings to the audience without directly telling them by using narrative elementsRead MoreAmerican Beauty By Sam Mendes1008 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican Beauty (1999) is directed by Sam Mendes (also the director of Skyfall and Spectre) and stars Kevin Spacey which examines the â€Å"ordinary† occurances of a family who live a desirable life but are unhappy and stagnant. Kevin Spacey plays the role of Lester Burnham, a suburban father and who i s tired of his boring job and family. Within the film are many themes, the most important of these being lust and beauty. The film applies many visual effects to demonstrate the overall desired tone, andRead More American Beauty by Sam Mendes Essay2014 Words   |  9 PagesAmerican Beauty by Sam Mendes This essay has problems with formating #65279;  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In American Beauty, 1999, directed by Sam Mendes, we are confronted with the permeating images that have consumed mainstream American life. Mendes exploits these images as constructions that we created around ourselves as a means of hiding our true selves. Mendes is able to implicate us in the construction and make us active viewers by exploiting our voyeuristic nature. In American Beauty Mendes uses the voyeuristicRead MoreOf Mice and Men and American Beauty Essay1435 Words   |  6 Pagesinsights into the American Dream are offered through the novella Of Mice and Men and the film American Beauty? In your essay you must consider the influences of context and the importance of techniques in shaping meaning. Of Mice and Men, a 1937 novella by John Steinbeck and American Beauty, a 1999 film directed by Sam Mendes, offer various insights into the American Dream and are both contextually driven. Both texts present the possibility of different pursuits of the American Dream and portrayRead MoreDeath of a Salesman and American Beauty1220 Words   |  5 Pagescrash and thinks that he solved his family’s problems, which is success in his eyes. Lester Burnham is the main character of the movie, American Beauty, and his life like Willy’s is spiraling out of control. His marriage â€Å"hasn’t been a marriage for years†¦ as long [he] keeps his mouth shut† (Mendes).On top of that drama he falls in love with his version of the American Dream which is to have a sexual relationship with a high school student, Angela Hayes, who is best friends with his daughter, Jane. Lester

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Chinas Threat to the Us Economy - 1054 Words

China’s Threat to the United States Economy For the last twenty eight years, China has been quickly growing into one of the largest economies in the world. China has accomplished this feat, in part, by radically changing their policies on trade and free market interactions with other countries. During this process, China has bought approximately one hundred trillion dollars of United States debt in the form of Treasury bills, notes, bonds, and Inflation Protected Securities (Amadeo). This debt has given China leverage against the United States which has enabled China to keep the value of the United States dollar high, while keeping the value of the Chinese yuan low. As the inflation of the dollar continues to negatively affect the†¦show more content†¦Instead, China could use their debt leverage to impact foreign trade policies and more importantly domestic political policies that budget how the United States spends its tax dollars (Elwell 22). China has become a perceived threat to the U.S. economy because of the in creasing trade deficit between the two countries, their ability to undercut production costs of similar products produced in the United States, and the amount of leverage that China has over the United States due to amount of money that has been lent by China. Although the United States has taken steps to close the trade deficit, such as convincing China to raise prices on their exports, there is still a considerable gap (Prasad). The United States government continues to print money that they simply can’t afford, therefore, relying even more heavily on China sustaining the value of their currency. Unless the United States is able to close the trade deficit and regain control of our economic flexibility, the problems caused by foreign countries owning our debt will remain eminent. Works Cited Amadeo, Kimberly. US China Trade Deficit - Why the US Trade Deficit with China Is Important. US Economy and Business - US Economic Indicators - US Economic News. 19 Mar. 2009. Web. 19 Mar. 2011. lt;http://useconomy.about.com/od/tradepolicy/p/us-china-trade.htmgt;. CIA - The World Factbook. Welcome to the CIA Web Site — CentralShow MoreRelatedIs the Rise of the East Viewed as a Threat or an Opportunity?1477 Words   |  6 PagesChina’s ascension to superpower status has caused many Westerners to worry. They worry that China’s sustained growth will hurt their livelihood and economic status. Others, however, see this as an opportunity to exploit new markets and to further world unity. This is an increasingly relevant debate as many have predicted China’s growth to continue at a steady rate in both the short and medium terms. This paper will examine the reality of the potential threats and the extent of the opportunitiesRead MoreChinas Threat To America Case Study1296 Words   |  6 Pagessays it must prepare to deal with traditional threats coming from Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, and at same time to contain the spread of extremist terror groups like the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Four to five threats t hat US faces right now comes from the Asia Pacific. Therefore, it is one of the most important regions for the US and its partners. In comparison among those America’s threats, while North Korea and IS are just sort term threats, Russia or Iran will stay behind China becauseRead MoreChina Rising Of China And China1505 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"China Rising† is a non-arguable fact and the one of the most important subjects in the twenty-first century. The rise of China is a relative threat to the neighboring regions or other great powers. Further, some scholars also comment that China either will replace or has already superseded the United State as the world’s only superpower. China’s growth is too rapid and massive that other nations have limited or no opportunity to compete with. In the other hand, others argue that confits betweenRead MoreChin Facing The 21st Century1511 Words   |  7 PagesDynasty, it began its evolution into a flourishing econom y. During this period where different regimes came into power, three fundamental pillars were used to sustain the imperial system of government. These components contributed to China’s reputation in technological innovations as wells as its economic growth in the earlier centuries (Bergsten, 2008). When the Qing dynasty collapsed as a result of several contributing factors, the Chinese economy was derailed. The government, therefore, found itRead MoreChina’s evolving geopolitical role and its participation in the WTO.1419 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Critically analyze China’s evolving geopolitical role and its participation in the WTO. China’s evolving Geopolitical Role: Introduction: In terms of geopolitics, it was been observed that China is among the three great powers, beside the United States and the European Union. According to O. Tuathail, 1996; Agnew, 2009, critical geopolitics intends to understand world politics in terms of the ways in which elites and publics actively construct the spaces of political action that areRead MoreThe Rise Of Chin China1562 Words   |  7 Pagesof its people out of extreme poverty and we can say that China attained a major economic power within the span of three decades. It became the world’s largest holder of foreign exchange reserves, manufacturer, and the largest merchandise exporter. China’s remarkable economic growth for the last two decades can even go beyond the United States’ size of gross domestic product (GDP) as well as inflict significant political influence in East Asia. Furthermore, China hold the largest and strongest armedRead MoreThe Rise Of China Is Destroying The United States1417 Word s   |  6 PagesThe debate on whether the rise of China is displacing the United States (US) as hegemon is a contentious debate. While scholars on the one hand argue that this is the case, others refute this by arguing that despite the increase of Chinese influence in the South-Pacific, it is still far away from becoming a global superpower. Using the theoretical lenses of Hegemonic Stability, Balance of Power, and Realism, this paper will argue that the rise of China as global hegemon lacks theoretical support;Read MoreThe Future Of Us China Relations Essay1654 Words   |  7 Pagessubject in the twenty-first century. The rise of China is a relative threat to the neighbor regions or other great powers. Further, some scholars also comment that China either will replace or has already superseded the United State as the world’s only superpower. China’s growth is too rapid and massive that other nations have limited or no opportunity to compete with it. By using intern ational relations theories to analyze US-China relations, there are three main stream theories commonly using toRead MoreChina s Foreign Policy Record967 Words   |  4 PagesThrough examination of China’s foreign policy record, particularly post-Cold War, a better understanding of the distinct approaches a realist theorist and a liberal theorist may have to the same event or policy, can be further explored through the lens of China. In his book, International Politics of the Asia Pacific, Yahuda states, â€Å"It is only since the end of the Cold War that China’s leaders have developed policies that recognize that the future security and prosperity of their country requiresRead MoreEssay China1364 Words   |  6 Pagesdevalued was not the only reason which affected the world markets, as during the recession, weak buying power of the customers forced them to buy cheap stuff made in China. Elimination of the textile quota in January 2009 also caused the increase in China’s share of the market (The Econoomist, 2010). In contrast with this, EU governments in December 2009, voted to extend the anti-dumping duty on shoes imported from china to protect their local industries (The Econoomist, 2010). On one hand China is seeking

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Brighter Sunnyday Free Essays

Of all the movies that I’ve seen, only â€Å"A brighter Summer Day† was the longest hours film of them all, a very large project for the Chinese-language film. This film was directed by a Taiwanese director, Edward Yang who made it all possible to direct 100 actors to portray different roles. â€Å"A Brighter Summer Dayâ€Å"was actually based on a true incident which happened during 1960. We will write a custom essay sample on Brighter Sunnyday or any similar topic only for you Order Now The story was also a mixture of Yang’s youth which can be seen in the film though there is a little variation from the original. In June 15, 1961, a Taiwanese high school male killed his girlfriend in Gulling Street without any reasons. â€Å"A Brighter Summer Day† was a personal vision which recalls both an actual street murder that shook the nation and Yang’s own childhood at the same time. The story doesn’t mainly focused on the gangster’s street rival in Taiwan during 1960’s but it’s story goes behind a young man who was experiencing a major upheaval in his own country in which he wants to overcome. This movie serves as an exploration of the novel which depicts the cultural identity of the Taiwanese. This film revolves around the life of S’ir, who was a high school student by then. The cast was filled with different characters which seem equally worrisome. His cast is filled with plenty of variables, but each character’s plight seems equally worrisome. His father was one of the Chinese mainlanders who went all the way to Taipei during the wake of civil uprisings in 1949. Since the film was set over the course in 1961, it gave a printed introduction which explains that state is now in uncertainty where gangs thrive on the streets so they should be careful about their children and keep them safe and under control at all times. The narratives of Yang jumps back and forth with different subplots which made it difficult to track, especially the shots that was taken from medium to long shots. Given that, the story telling skills of Yang made it possible to recognize some cues for each sequence which lets the audience trail the story. The most memorable scenes that revolve around the gangster’s school-age girlfriend have been smitten with him. They wind up next door, while they cut classes, and get easily attracted with the looks of the girl. Upon forming an endearing bond, Si’rs friends warned him about being close to the girl and should not let her become the cause of any bad blood. This part is very thrilling, and mysterious enough to watch since you really want to know what the story behind the murder is as if you are really seeing how it happened. Yang sensed that when the dark historical moment happens, driving and being driven become one. I think that because of this feeling, it made a narrative filmmaking that creates a new genre of modern experience. Literary, this film had hypnotically built a single act of violence when it reaches and end of one’s life which is inevitable and shocking at the same time. â€Å"A Brighter Summer Day† emerged as one of the finest film made in Taiwan. Even though the cast were all non-actors, the film was still beautifully made- shots were good, houses especially the interior were great, even the schools and the dance clubs brought a real effect that happened in the countryside during summertime. The film also created a good effect by inserting violence and serenity alternately. The film is a rhythmic and poetic evocation of a particular era. Its ironic title (in that there is no â€Å"brighter summer day† for these characters) is taken from an Elvis song that one of the kids sings at a nightclub. It is a truly exemplary modern masterpiece that got no distribution in the West but deserves to be hunted out at all costs by those who love and cherish the film art. You can also see other characters with singing careers that has been the source of frustration and source of income of the gangsters. The song which was entitled â€Å"Are You Lonesome Tonight† was the source of the movie’s title a song by Elvis song which was sung by some nightclub kids. This song was one of the artifacts that appear in the movie though it did not originate from Taiwan. The song captures the audience through its melodic sound and its giving such goose bumps effect when you hear it while it plays as a particular scene was shown. There were also several important props in the film particularly the samurai sword, radio a flashlight and a tape recorder as well. Older characters appear to be strictly adhering to Taiwanese’s tradition or to something else like Christianity. The older characters, when they appear, either stubbornly adhere to Taiwanese traditions or have grabbed onto something else, such as Christianity while other older Taiwanese seemed to be powerless and weak. Children somehow understand this but perhaps cannot dig dipper to comprehend it and despite the murder that was inspired by a true to life incident, this film sees a light of hope. S’ir’s father here was a civil servant with a high-ranking job and the accomplishments of his daughter. He often attends the best government-sponsored college and was very proud. If his son disappoints him, he butts his head against bureaucracy, hoping that he would get personal favors the system which he believes to have fair and firm regulations. Yang simplifies things by tossing a metaphor into the stew which made it so confusing in general when he narrates about the operation of the government against the people. The backbone of the narrative structure was formed by S’ir’s shifting morality when the tragedy befalls him seems to be heartbreaking which made the entire nation moved by it. The strain has been weighed down on him and at that time, his family seems to be epidemic in the country. According to my research, the film took over several years to finish because its preparation needed to be meticulous on its construction as well as the feelings that community might have. Because the length is almost four hours, it definitely shows a remarkable film which gave an epic quality of the film. Since the there are more than hundred speaking parts in the film, you should really focus in watching so that you’ll keep on track of what was going on with the story, which is a good strategy on capturing the audience attention. Without looking into the contradictions that it may bring in a political discourse, Yang personalized the politics and its complexities. The style of the film creates a paradox. He used I little bit of close-ups, which keeps it far away from his subjects but not so far in order for the viewers to judge them objectively and doesn’t’ lose the grasp on their concern. The main accomplishment of Yang focused on the narrative that he made, as well as the political and emotional chaos. Familiarity arose from the running time that goes on with the consistent political attitudes which was evident in the script assures that audience concern were given focus where Yang wants it. This happens without using too much cinematic language which in turn prompts the viewer to barely identify the protagonists. Yang was never intimidated throughout the film although he made as a very expansive scope of a messy autobiographical of such territory. Attached with the film is a nostalgia but not to the point of intelligence. Yang created a manifesto which obviously shows conflicting attitudes about the history of his country. We can see in the film that it was seemingly limitless to examine the country’s lamentation which a storyteller like Yang has done to probe the history of a nation’s developing country and its progress. For me, â€Å"A Brighter Summer Day† sure stands as a monumental achievement, and could probably be the greatest film among all modern Taiwanese cinema. How to cite Brighter Sunnyday, Papers

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Discussion about Renewable Energy consumption and Sustainability

Question: Discuss the literature survey on the renewable energy consumption and sustainability? Answer: Introduction Consumption is the key factor to achieve sustainable development as unsustainable patterns of consumption such as overexploitation of renewable energy resources, and using non-renewable resources are the major reasons for the deterioration on global environment. With the increasing trend in development, the expenditure of energy consumption per capita has increased in the last fifteen years by an average of one-third (Apergis and Payne, 2011). The consumption growth is expected to increase at a fast pace until 2020 at the same growth in GDP rate. Moreover, the advancement in technology has reduced the intensity of energy and material in products considerably. However, these advantages have been outweighed by the increasing volume of goods consumption. This paper draws attention to the individual decisions of consumers on energy demand in context of sustainable development. Literature survey Renewable energy consumption Ayoub and Abdullah (2012) defined sustainable consumption as the goods or services that will address the basic needs of customers minimizing the use of natural resources and toxic materials which in turn reduce the emission of wastes and pollutants to environment and lifecycle so that the needs of future generation are not jeopardised. Sustainable consumption is viewed as the process that involves negotiation and development of consensus. This significant process at some areas is seen to fight with the conventional market operations. Banos et al. (2011) opined that, all actors must be willingly engage in the discourse in order to achieve the new consumption strategies. According to Connolly et al. (2012), sustainable consumption has to be comprehended as a societal field of action, which is further characterized by the three significant interacting areas of action. Individual area of concern- This section is divided into two sub-areas i.e. demand-side area and informal area. Demand side area considers the household consumption activities and professional procurement activities of both the public sector and large scale private industries. The informal area include the private consumers who undertake informal activities i.e. informal work that is unpaid (Eichholtz et al. 2013).Informal activities are not visible on the level of demand and hence not oriented to market. Supply side area of action- This include activities of governmental bodies and companies to offer sustainable services, products and information. Socio-political area of action- This include activities to develop a general framework of governance for both by the governmental bodies, organizations and associations. Their activities consider supply-side, structural and individual area of action. According to GhaffarianHoseini et al. (2013), the above three actions are interrelated to each other. The consumer behaviour rather their consumption activity particularly depends on an appropriate infrastructure (i.e. availability of energy efficient household tools), supply side activities and socio- political measures (emission trading systems or existence of eco-labels). There has been a strong agreement among the experts and claims that awareness among the consumers is not sufficient for the implementation of sustainable consumption behaviour but brings about a significant change economic and social structures. As referred by Graves et al. (2011), the process of consumption is a socially constructed but historically changing mechanism. According to Hashim and Ho (2011), sustainable consumption is an ecological way of purchasing and using goods. The consumption behaviour of individual and society is highly influenced by a number of factors such as system infrastructure, specific lifestyles, routines and habit, and their social environment. Approaches to explain renewable energy consumption According to several Psychologists, energy-related behaviour highly force the role participation, peer networks, social context and macro level factors that contribute to the use of renewable energy resources. There is an ever-increasing debate on social dilemma in relation to consumption of energy and usage of green electricity (Howard et al. 2012). In both the situation, the behaviour of consumers and their cumulative behaviour mainly counts. Meanwhile, the social psychologists are focussed on extending their models beyond the light of conventional individualistic and significantly focus on the framework of holistic socio-ecological factor. According to the Kaygusuz (2012), a famous sociologist, who state that users does not consume energy rather they utilize to raise their family or operate business. Moldan et al. (2012) also opined that, users have little responsibility and engagement in sustainable consumption due to the centralised system of supply. In argument, Moriartyand Honnery (2012) stated that, the irrational behaviour of energy users acts as a barrier to energy efficiency and sustainability. Energy services Paetz et al. (2012) argued that determinants of energy consumption depends extensively on the renewable energy services i.e. whether the service dealing with heating or electricity, lighting or washing. Surveys on energy related preferences primarily refers to the choice between product alternatives i.e. replacement of products with renewable and energy efficient alternatives. Issues related to transport, in particular focus on the choice between transport or vehicles and less sustainable energy alternatives. Panwar et al. (2011) conducted empirical analysis to evaluate the affect of energy label on purchase decisions of automotive customers. The conjoint analysis shows that, the purchase decisions of customers are not influenced by the energy label hence shows they are less prone towards using the renewable energy resources. Empirical study on household appliances A conjoint analysis has been conducted by Richardson (2013), to study the consumer preference on using renewable energy alternatives in replacement to their household products. The study investigate the relative and significant willingness of consumers to pay for energy efficient products built out of renewable energy. Shi and Chew (2012) made an analysis on the impact of environmental certification on customer purchase behaviour considering the case of a wood furniture. The outcome of conjoint analysis shows that environmental certification is viewed as a positive product attribute, however the product preference of typical customers outweigh the importance of environmental certification. Stambouli et al. (2012) presented a frequent argument against the efficiency standard of sustainable products, in which the energy based product that represent maximum choice of customers is prohibited which in turn reduce the customer utility. However, it has been found out that, refrigerators that possess efficiency standards leads to increased utility for the average customers. In argument, Tugcu et al. (2012) states that his study on sustainable consumption claims that, significant impact of incentives on their payment such as loans or rebates can influence the choice of residential customers paying no heed to the level of efficiency in refrigerators. Green electricity The research on green electricity has been conducted by Apergis and Payne (2011) within the BMBF funded projects, on two consumer groups i.e. green electricity and solar thermal. In this particular research, randomly selected pedestrian were asked to about their preferences and motivation of purchasing and using renewable energy resources. It has been noticed that, buyers of green electricity are less sensitive to price in comparison to a group of non-buyers. None of the surveyed groups could estimate the difference accurately on asking them the difference in price between green electricity and conventional electricity. Ayoub and Abdullah (2012) conclude that, there has not been any effective marketing of green electricity with successful presentation of information. For instance, buyers of green electricity overestimate the price to four fold, however, non-buyers assume ten-fold higher price of green electricity on average. In argument, Banos et al. (2011) presents a conjoint analys is drawing attention to the preference of electricity customers. According to his research, customers pay more attention to the criteria of energy mix, location where electricity is produced and cost. On the other hand, specific attributes like the pricing model, supplier of electricity, the duration of contract and eco-certification plays a secondary for majority of private clients. According to his findings, consumers only prefer fixed price for a time of day or seasonal rates and they do not prefer to get locked in lengthy contracts. In addition, Connolly et al. (2012) analyzed the integration of renewable resources, its price, support to conservation programs, outages and customer services. The outcome of study states that, the willingness of customer to pay for reliability is an essential component of rational planning strategy for investment in electricity generation and transportation. It also acts as the key determining factor on optimal pricing schedule of electricity. Eichholtz et al. (2013) extended the conjoint research by Connolly et al. (2012), and based on the previous studies, he analyzed other significant attributes like type and amount of renewable energy, compound with other services, charitable contributions, minimization on voltage fluctuations, billing options, etc. The argument raises on evaluating the outcome that states, customers are highly concerned about the renewable energy offered by the suppliers. According to the estimation, customers are willing to pay on an average of 2.1 cents per KwH for a supplier who make use of 100% hydro energy than for the supplier who uses no renewable sources. Similarly, customers pay 1.48c more for suppliers using 100% wind than the ones with no renewable energy. Studies conducted by Graves et al. (2011), shows that consumers do not justify their decisions of renewable energy consumption by the concern of sustainable environment, even if their consumption pattern decreases the negative impact. In argument, Hashim and Ho (2011) demonstrate that consumers purchase more environmentally sound products. Now against the backdrop of the significant concepts like lifestyles, literature survey reveal indicate that based on the different need areas, the consumer behaviour differentiate significantly. Graves et al (2011) highlight on the fact that, the purchase behaviour of consumer is not predictable between the aspects of green consumption and need areas. As a conclusion, Kaygusuz (2012) state that different products and systems has to be considered separately and findings of one system is not transferred without the difference is perception of consumers. Conclusion The literature survey confirmed the hypothesis stating that transparency respective to the cost of energy utilization is positively correlated with the behaviour of energy saving. This has been shown through the different measures such energy labels and energy bills. Prices of energy plays a significant role and positively correlated with sustainable usage of energy. Higher the price of energy, the household becomes more responsive to the energy saving criteria. The conjoint analysis made by the authors on significant willingness of customers to pay for A-labelled energy efficient products depends on the different degrees of their energy efficiency (Moldan et al. 2012). A study presented in argument focus on the impact of incentive payment method, such as loans or rebates influence the choice of customers on sustainable consumption energy efficient products. Moreover, from the literature review conducted, it is evident that, adoption of sustainable consumption is not possible without altering the framework conditions such as (infrastructure, price, etc). It is essential to analyze the individual consumption behaviour in a given context of regulation and supply factors (Moriarty and Honnery, 2012). However, the literature does not generate any cle ar hypothesis till now. Although, there are certain agreement on the relevance of consumer lifestyle and attitude, but these factors has not yet been represented as the significant determinant of renewable energy consumption and their contribution towards sustainable consumption. Reference List Apergis, N., and Payne, J. E. (2011). The renewable energy consumptiongrowth nexus in Central America.Applied Energy,88(1), 343-347. Ayoub, M., and Abdullah, A. Z. (2012). 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